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Message From the Founding Director/Patron

‘The growing demand for care and support of PLHA,Orphans and vulnerable children has strained traditional coping mechanisms to a crisis stage in most countries especially those hard hit in Sub-Saharan Africa. An increasing number of communities, local & international organisations and Government structures are taking stock of the impact of AIDS on women, children and their families.

Although programs have been in place to respond to some of the needs of the PLHAS, children orphaned and made

Vulnerable by Poverty, HIV and AIDS, they are often fragmented and lack a comprehensive approach. It’s widely recognised that no one organisation or program can address all the needs by itself or design all the workable strategies. Despite all these challenges and the good work being done in the grassroots, partnerships among organizations are still few and with fewer forums to share on best practices, inadequate resourced programs have ended up frustrating illing caregivers and children whose holistic needs can’t be met.

Access to Information and Quality Healthcare care and supportive community initiatives are much needed by OVCs and PLHA ‘community care models’-inorder to facilitate resilience in vulnerable communities , reduction of death caused by AIDS related Diseases and prevention of onwards transmission of HIV.

Community Hospital linking the marginalized poor to Quality free healthcare services is our focus, in Homabay 50 per cent of pregnant women are placed under the programme to prevent transmission of HIV/AIDS to the child and 75% of HIV Positive pregnant women don’t deliver in health facilities, either because of having to walk long distances braving poor road network, lack of finances or knowledge of their need to Antenatal Care services. The risks is now lowered.

The first line of response to the needs of children comes from initiating Sustainable structured programs that Involves children to enhance child participation and scale up child protection. And guardians and living parents (widows or widowers), must be economically empowered. We have adopted Improved sustainable livelihood for the caregivers; as strategy to succeed to support the adult caregivers increase their capacities to support the children.

Message from the Chairman

The challenges faced by children, families, communities and the Government in managing the impact of Poverty and HIV and AIDS is, anormous if they are not based on a comprehensive understanding of the realities that such children and families face,

It’s RUNELD’s belief that cost effective approaches need to be replicated, however for this to happen, there is need for coordinated partnerships and synergy of efforts among the different players in the field. The RUNELD Hospital and OVC Care and Support Program is a step towards this direction

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